Golden Takal


Golden Takal Co. was founded in 1999 with the aim of supplying high-quality products in the field of fresh and frozen meat packaging. The company, consistent with its goals, constructed and commissioned its frozen meat production and packaging unit in East-Azarbaijan (located at Northwest of Iran) as its first action.


Following domestic market regulation policies, the Company expanded its activities to import meat from Mongolia, Azerbaijan Republic, Russia, Romania and Brazil through land road, railroad and air transportation since 2009. To expand its activities overseas, the Company established its first abroad branch, Golden Takal Azarbaijan, in Republic of Azarbaijan (Baku) in 2018 And the second branch was opened in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2023, which continues to operate in line with the policies set by the parent company. Since 2014, in order to improve the services offered to customers, the company expanded the scope of its activities and joined forces with its international partners to import livestock and poultry inputs, vaccines, and medicine, as well as animal husbandry equipment from the leading world brands.




The scientific and technical team at GoldenTakal draws on the expertise of specialists in veterinary medicine, food industry and animal science in all stages of production, from raising and slaughter to the processing of the final product, and offers the products at the highest health standards and according to the latest scientific findings.In addition, the company supplies livestock input from the best global suppliers in Brazil, Argentina, Russia and Kazakhstan. All the products are offered under the supervision of agriculture and veterinary specialists in accordance with the international standards.


Dr. Babak Dadashzadeh



Dr. Navid Kamalkhan

Director Manager Golden Takal Mongolia

PHD in Geography


Dr. Ali Janalipour

Production Manager

D.V.M – Large Animal Husbandry and Internal Disease ‌PHD


Dr. Bahram Ebrahimi

Financial Affairs Manager

PHD in Accounting

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Dr. Majid Hataminia

Health Manager

D.V.M -Food Hygiene Specialist



In order to improve its services and to implement state-of-the-art technology, GoldenTakal Co. has collaborated and formed strategic partnerships with reputable companies worldwide, and has gained outstanding success through a solid presence in the international markets.