Food Industry Bank

The Research and Development Unit (R & D) of Golden Takal Co. suggested the idea of establishment of the Food Industry Bank and carried out the preliminary research and studies on the path of implementing this idea. This idea is suggested to reduce production costs, make production a competitive act, promote community health, revitalize domestic expertise and increase employment. In this plan, the members of the protein product supply chain of the country, including those who work in breeding units, feed production units, slaughterhouses, packaging industries, cold rooms and transportation systems, are identified in a process. Then, they are invited to invest their liquidity and movable and immovable assets in a bank called Food Industry Bank (FIB). They will receive their share of profit from the Bank’s general capital at the end of the fiscal year. Upon the foundation of BFI, the final product will be delivered to consumers at a lower price due to elimination of mediators from the production and distribution process; besides, producers will continue to operate with less investment risk. On the other hand, reduction of production costs allows us to make the production and exportation of products a competitive act.