Observing quarantine and bio-security regulations

Quarantine is one of the important measures taken to assure the safety of livestock and animal products, and includes the process of prevention and control of animal diseases. The principles of quarantine include a wide range of activities: they should be observed in livestock farms (also in chicken farms and aquaculture units), animal control and quarantine stations at the borders and inter-province inspection unites and during the livestock and raw animal products transportation. In accordance with the domestic and international health policies of the National Veterinary Organization, Golden Takal Co. has bound itself to observe all those guidelines and regulations. Reducing stress to a minimum, providing the conditions for animals to rest before slaughtering them and preventing the transmission of pathogens through keeping them in quarantine facilities, observing the principles of biosecurity and examination of animals. Has led Golden Takal Co. to provide its products with the highest hygienic level and nutritious quality.